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Floral Ethylene Control 

cut flowers not affected with ethylene

All wounded plants produce harmful ethylene gas. All cut flowers are wounded plants. That poses a problem when considering the storage of harvested floral crops.

Ethylene gas (C2H4) is a natural growth hormone that is produced by plant tissue. It has a job to do which cannot be reversed, no matter how hard one tries. That job is to help a plant through the natural process of growth and dying. Death and decay of all plants is necessary for healthy ecosystems. But in post-harvest storage areas it means loss of viable products and a large amount of money.

Exposure to ethylene gas makes flowers drop their leaves and petals prematurely, open their buds early and shorten their post harvest life.

Miatech offers a full line of equipment that removes ethylene and airborne bacteria. The Bio Turbo line of equipment was designed with perishable control as its goal. The Bio Turbo represents the most advanced solution, and is affordable to own and operate. Contact us to learn how removing ethylene and airborne bacteria can improve your profits.

Equipment in Use

wilting flower

Ethylene Threat

To prevent decay of your flowers it’s very vital to use ethylene removal.

flower department in grocery store

Flower Care

Proper care is very important to keep your flowers healthier much longer.

wilted flower affected by ethylene

Lost Profit

Wilted flowers decrease your profits. Ethylene removal system will significantly reduce quantity of wilted flowers.