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Miatech’s Solutions for

perishable transport

Benefits of Perishable Transport

ethylene sensitive fruits

Preserving your perishables from ethylene and airborne bacteria during transportation is a very important link in providing quality perishables to the end consumer. When fruits, vegetables and flowers are harvested far away from the place that is the consumption destination, providing proper transportation conditions brings both a better value for the consumer, and higher profits for the merchant.

Apart from general requirements for ethylene and bacteria control equipment (cost effectiveness, low maintenance, user friendly, odor removal), solutions for preserving perishables during transportation need to have few special features. Among these desirable features are; small size, freedom from an external power source, and ease of installation and replacement.

Regular solutions for preserving perishables in warehouses are not practical for the same purpose in sea and truck containers. That’s why Miatech has developed a special solution for preserving perishables during transportation, which makes this process very easy and very effective.

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Equipment in Use

Eris Filter

Cut your waste by as much as 29%


Ethylene filter for containers

Kills odor and rot causing airborne bacteria and molds


Ethylene filter mounted inside refrigerated container

Prevents premature ripening, decay and discoloration