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Miatech’s Solutions for


Warehouse & Room Humidification

Postharvest storage humidification

Miatech can provide an array of products capable of humidifying any type of room. We can create and maintain humidity levels of 95% or higher, cutting product shrinkage by as much as 50%. This improves the quality and appearance of your stored products, which in turn creates savings for your business. 

Miatech uses three different technologies for these applications, and will help you choose the right one for your application and objectives. From banana ripening rooms, large distribution centers, wineries, and controlled rooms of any kind, we have the best solutions.

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I’m very satisfied with the system, and the service is second to none.

Leonard, Warehouse Manager, TX

The humidification system provides a perfect atmosphere for my fresh fruit and vegetable storage needs.

John, Distribution Center Manager, WA

Equipment in Use

warehouse humidification

Standard for quality storage

Our systems became a standard for high quality storage.

cold storage humidification

Lengthens freshness of product

Maintaining proper conditions in storage area with our systems helps to cut waste and lengthen freshness of products.

cold room humidification

Easy and friendly to service

Miatech equipment is easy to operate and requires very low maintenance.