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Airborne Bacteria & Ethylene Control

Bio Turbo

Today, storing fruits and vegetables properly involves not just controlling temperature and humidity, but also the reduction of airborne pathogens and ethylene levels. Miatech has developed a technology that eliminates ethylene and bacteria as air passes through it. The Bio-Turbo, which uses a four stage treatment process, is both affordable and effective. Each part of the process takes place within the Bio-Turbo unit, so nothing leaves the Bio-Turbo except clean air that is free of ethylene and airborne pathogens.

The Bio-Turbo is available in several sizes to accommodate many different applications. It is easy to install, and nearly maintenance free. Let the Bio-Turbo be part of your solution for storing fruits and vegetables.

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Equipment in Use

Bio Turbo in warehouse

User friendly and low maintenance


ethylene filter

Removes ethylene harmful to produce and floral


mold prevention

Eliminates 99.9% of harmful bacteria and airborne pathogens