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Ethylene Sensitive Perishables

ProductEthylene Sensitivity *Estimated Shelf Life
Apple H 3-6 months
Apricot H 1-3 weeks
Artichoke L 2-3 weeks
Asparagus M 2-3 weeks
Beet, bunched L 10-14 days
Strawberry L 7-10 days
Broccoli H 10-14 days
Brussels Sprouts H 3-5 weeks
Cabbage (early crop) H 3-6 weeks
Carrot, topped H 6-8 months
Cauliflower H 3-4 weeks
Cilantro H 2 weeks
Grape (American) L 1-6 months
Oregano M 1-2 weeks
Kiwifruit H 3-5 months
Leek M 2 months
Lettuce H 2-3 weeks
Cantaloupe M 2-3 weeks
Peach H 2-4 weeks
Pear (American) H 2-7 months
Peas, Pod M 1-2 weeks
Plum & Prune H 2-5 weeks
Radish L 1-2 months
Spinach H 10-14 days

* Ethylene sensitivity (detrimental effects include yellowing, softening, increased decay, loss of leaves & browning)

L = low sensitivity
M = moderately sensitive
H = highly sensitive

Equipment in Use

rotten pear

Bio Turbo significantly reduces waste caused by ethylene and bacterial damage

ethylene effect on bananas

Causes produce to have a better appearance and freshness longer


ethylene removal

Provides an overall better environment